ACT scheduler service is unavailable

23.10.20 09:09 AM By andreamahoney

This has been happening more and more over the past couple of years

There are a couple fixes for this issue

1. Disable UAC on the pc - this step is important

2.  on older pc's we used to be able to delete the scheduler file and recreate .  On newer pc's this file doesn't exist

      • Windows 7 and later - C:\ProgramData\ACT\ACT Data
      • Right-click the SCHEDULER_FILE.xml file, select Rename. Add .old to the current name (SCHEDULER_FILE.xml.old).
      • Close Windows Explorer (or My Computer).
      • Launch Act!.Launch 
      • Act! Scheduler.

3.  On new pc's close act, run the bat file at the end of this document, then re-open act